Nice to meet you


Sarah Bourque


Over the past 10 years I've been inspired by the adorable, furry faces and the joyful, goofy personalities from the pets I've come across on my adventures. I'm self taught and am constantly pushing my creative boundaries by trying new things. My biggest sources of inspiration come from my 2 scruffy rescue pups Walter & Rupert, they make me laugh every day and provide all sorts of snuggly love (they are also very demanding when it comes to toast crusts....but that's another story)



John aka Mr.Techy Trousers

Creative assistant/tech support/candy supplier

John has been at my side since 2000. He's helped build my business with his incredible eye for detail, knowledge of all things technical and the ability to make me laugh when I get stressed out. He has over 20 years experience in the film industry and knows everything from editing to set decorating and all the stuff in between. He also loves animals as much as I do! He's in charge of making sure all computers, cameras and businessy stuff are ship-shape. He also helps out on photo shoots and will often be found throwing a ball or making squeeky noises to help get the perfect shot.


Walter aka Wally

CCO (Chief Cookie Officer)

We adopted Walter in 2009. He was a little 8 week old ball of fluff at the Edmonton Humane Society. We weren't expecting to adopt a pup that day but when we saw him, all by himself, in the middle of a big room, staring at the floor, our hearts melted. Then he crawled in my lap and kissed my chin...I was so smitten! We think he's a wheaten/doodle mix but aren't sure. All we know is that he can run like the wind, jump very high, and give you a snuggle like you've never been snuggled before.



Rupert aka Mr.Roops

DOB (Director of Belly rubs)

We adopted little Rupert in 2010. Walter wanted a friend and we were looking for another little scruffy faced fellow to join our wee family. We found Rupert on SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue). He was a 10wk old terrier pup with lots of adorable grey whiskers. We were instantly in love and he just ran over and jumped in our car. It was obviously meant to be. Now he's a little older but just as mischievous. He loves his toys, flirting with lady dogs and getting liver treats from his nanna.