Rupert takes a Harbour Ferry Adventure


Oh the delightful Victoria Harbour Ferries. They are a huge part of Victoria's tourism scene and a great way to get around (they are also adorable!). 


 According to their website,, they've been serving Victoria for over 25 years and have transported over 3,000,000 passengers! I had heard that they were pet friendly so I reached out to see if Rupert and I could hop on board. We were so excited when they said we could! yay! We set up a time with Sabina and then popped down to the Inner Harbour bright and early and set sail to Fisherman's Wharf. Rupert even wore his new nautical t-shirt! lol! 


I asked Victoria Harbour Ferries about their pet policies and this is what they said:

"VHFC is incredibly welcoming towards pets. In the office we have our resident dog who comes to work with us. As for the ferries, dogs just have to be well-mannered and leashed to board our ferries. Our captains do ensure that all the other passengers have confirmed that they are ok with having a pet onboard. We ensure that none of the our passengers have allergies, are afraid of animals etc. It works great for us because Victoria is such a pet friendly city.

We recommend that pets be okay with the loud noises that are occurring in the Inner Harbour and that they are okay with being on a moving vessel for the designated time"

Rupert was greeted with lots of ear rubs and compliments on his handsomeness, then he just happily climbed aboard the waiting ferry and was ready to go!! 


My usual trusty assistant was busy, so I enlisted my mom to help with the photos. Rupert is hopelessly in love with his nanna so he was very happy to have her to himself without his brother or aunty pups.


We had never been on a Harbour Ferry before but I think everyone should experience it! It gave us a new perspective on our beautiful city and Captain Doug was a wealth of information. He told us lots of stories about many of our famous buildings and our inner harbour.


We especially liked the view of the last bits of our old blue bridge! 


Harbour Ferries don't just putter around the inner harbour, they have longer tours of the Harbour and Gorge, the Pickle pub crawl and even their famously awesome Water Ballet


Rupert had never been on small boat before but he knew he was in safe hands with his new friend Captain Doug and he eventually fell asleep! It was a lovely relaxing way to start the day!


Here at Wally & Roops we think it's awesome how many local businesses are pet friendly and Victoria Harbour Ferries agree! They told us:

"We feel that pet friendly places are important because it allows for our pets to be with or near us consistently especially if it’s raining or windy out, in pet friendly places our pets don’t have to wait outside. Plus the pets I’ve met have been super well behaved and calm. As I mentioned it’s awesome being able to bring them to work rather than leaving them home alone for hours!"

We had so much fun this morning and will definitely be hopping on board a Harbour Ferry again!! Thanks so much for our great tour!


Below are some more photos from our adventure, as well as Rupert's commentary! Enjoy! And be sure to follow Victoria Harbour Ferries on Instagram and Facebook

Rupert visits Baggins


Sigh. Oh Baggins. The most wonderful place at 580 Johnson St. is full of beautiful shoes and back packs in every pretty colour imaginable! .


As a Converse lover, it's great to know that the worlds best selection is a 20 min walk from my house. I'm also a Dr.Martens lover and was thinking that I really needed to invest in a pair of boots for photo shoots. A while back, I saw a contest on their instagram page for a pair of said boots. I entered and my name was drawn as the winner! Squeeeee! SO much excitement!


I asked Baggins if they were pet friendly and they responded with a very enthusiastic "OMG Yes!" So I gathered up my fella, my camera and Mr.Roops and we went to pick up my prize! It was very exciting! 


Mr.Roops is a big shoe fan, usually when we come home, he'll grab the nearest one and will run around the house with it for a few minutes. He doesn't eat them (well not any more), he just prances around for a bit. silly bub. 


I asked Baggins why they chose to be a pet friendly space and they said:

"One day 15 years ago, Baggins had a black cat come stay with us while his owners were out of town and he never left. That black cat was Fraidy Cat, our resident shop cat who roamed the Paper Box Arcade, greeted every customer and lifted the staff’s spirits. Fraidy Cat passed away in 2015 but Baggins has always felt that allowing pets into our store makes it a better place. The director, Tara, brings her two dogs to work daily, and we always have treats and smile for any visiting furry friends. Baggins understands that our pets are part of your family and we want them to be apart of the Baggins Fam' as well."


Our love of pets hasn't changed since the days of Fraidy as our mascot and beloved shop cat. We still have people coming in who ask about him on a regular basis, so we know his love was spread far and wide. We love having visits from all sort of critters in the shop, we've even had an iguana once! In the dog days of summer, we even have a bowl of pooch hooch (AKA water) outside for any thirsty passer by. Rest assured we have plenty of treats behind the till and time for a scratch behind the ear or a belly rub for all our four legged friends.

It was very obvious that there is a love for our furry friends at this shop! Rupert enjoyed all the pets on the head and compliments about this handsomeness! Below are some more photos (as well as Rupert's commentary, please enjoy scrolling through them! 

Also be sure to visit Baggin's website:

Their Facebook Page:

and their instagram:

I just want to thank Baggins for letting us snap a few pics while we were at the shop! We will definitely be visiting again....I think I need custom Wally & Roops converse.... 

Walter & Rupert visit Parker Park

One of our favourite beaches in Victoria is Parker Park in Cordova Bay (5405 Parker Ave). It's so sandy, quiet in the mornings, and the boys can run like the wind (Trust me, they love to run!)


Walter is spring loaded so he always appreciates good jumping space!


Rupert isn't quite as exuberant as his big brother, so he's happiest exploring and sniffing questionable things in piles of seaweed!


If you're looking for a good place to take your furry friend, we highly recommend this beach! it can get busy in the summer with families and small children, so if your dog is excitable I would recommend going early when it's quieter! 

Below are a few more photos from their Easter morning adventure! Enjoy

Charlie visits Hotel Zed


This delightful little lady is Charlie and she was kind enough to be a guest contributor for Rupert's blog while he wasn't feeling well. (Rupert has epilepsy and, very rarely,  his back legs get weak and he can't walk for a few days. It doesn't cause any pain but it requires a trip to the vet, a cortisone shot, and a lot of rest, snuggles and treats. He's already on the mend and back on his feet! Thank goodness!) 

So, while Rupert was getting spoiled by his nanna and grampop, we took their delightful moppet to the super awesome and pet friendly Hotel Zed (3110 Douglas Street) They were so kind to let us visit and take photos, as well as providing lots of info about their pet policies.


Now....I have to say that you can't visit Hotel Zed and just "snap a few pics". There are so many funky spots and spaces that before long you get super inspired and end up having a full on stylized photo shoot! (We always follow the rules and kept Charlie on her leash, but I removed it in photoshop on some of the really artsy shots. I got so excited editing them that I couldn't help myself!)


Hotel Zed is cool, colorful and chock full of super awesome amenities like a ping pong lounge, a pink waterslide , long board rentals, a VW shuttle van and a retrofitted Airstream (basically an instagrammers dream!)

I asked about the pet friendly amenities that they offer their guests and they said:

"We have pet-friendly rooms available at both of our hotels (we also have a Hotel Zed in Kelowna) and $1 from each night's pet cleaning fee goes to the BCSPCA for pets who don't have it as good as yours. We also give you a special doggy towel when you check in with a dog, and tucked into it are some treats and some doggy bags"

I also asked if they had any tips for guests who are visiting with their pet:

"Make sure you leave your cell phone number with the front desk if you're going to leave your pet alone in the room for any stretch of time. That way we can call you if your pet is missing you too much! We also usually recommend putting on your dog's leash BEFORE you open the door to the room to leave. Even the best behaved dogs can get overexcited with all the new sights and smells at Hotel Zed and take off!"

That's great advice, as there is definitely a lot to see and a lot of hustle and bustle! 

When asked if they had any memorable pet stories they said:

"Not everyone has a dog! We've had rabbits, cats, birds, iguanas..."

ummmm...I think an iguana photo shoot would be amazing...just saying! 


I always ask why they think being a pet friendly establishment is important, they told me:

"Many of us at Hotel Zed are pet-parents ourselves, and we know that it can be really tough to leave your pet behind when you go away. Sometimes the logistics just don't work out and sometimes you don't want to leave them behind! We think it's important to pick a fun hotel that welcomes your WHOLE family with open arms!"

Below are the photos from Charlie's adventure at Hotel Zed  from her visit. Please scroll through and enjoy! 

PS. If you stop by, be sure to check out the Ruby, a very hip and delicious restaurant that shares the lobby. I was trying to take our photos but kept getting distracted by the yummy looking breakfasts that people were enjoying  (I am definitely going back there for some eggs benny!) 


Thanks again to everyone at Hotel Zed for making Charlie feel so welcome! We'll be sure to stop by again and say hi! 

Be sure to visit their website, fb and instagram pages for more info!

Rupert visits the Ocean Pointe Resort

We visited the lovely, pet friendly Delta Hotels by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort, situated overlooking Victoria's Inner Harbour. The resort is located along the waterfront Songhees Walkway, a scenic 5km path, perfect for taking your dog for a walk. There are also two off-leash dog parks within a 5 minute walk from the hotel. 


We stopped by and were greeted with a lot of dog loving from the staff and visitors. Rupert thoroughly enjoyed our visit! 

We chatted with Nicole and she told us:

"We understand that your pet is a member of your family, and we want to provide a pet-friendly environment which allows your whole family to enjoy a vacation together." 

I asked them about their pet friendly amenities:

"The lobby and guest rooms are pet friendly. In the lobby, dogs are welcomed by the front desk staff with dog treats. When staying overnight, the guest rooms for our four-legged guests are prepared with a dog dish, small towel to wipe paws, pick-up bags, and a bag of treats."

When asked about travelling tips they said:

"Pack a favorite comfort toy for your dog when travelling. When traveling by car, never leave your pet alone in the car. Ask our front desk staff for a map outlining the best nearby walking paths and dog-friendly parks." 

Danielle at the front desk even provided a memorable pet story for us! (Thanks Danielle!)

"Last summer, I had a couple check in with the sweetest beagle named Muddy. I fell in love with him over their stay, giving him pets and treats every time they came through the lobby. Funny enough, 3 month later when I was traveling through Quebec with a friend, I bumped into the same couple at a train station and only recognized them because of Muddy!
We all laughed how even at a busy station across the country, I was able to recognize Muddy like he was an old friend. Dogs are my favorite kind of guest!"

They sent along this quote from an email of a guest:

"we always appreciate a pet-friendly hotel. Again, our expectations are exceeded as all staff are genuinely happy to see our dog and make us feel welcome. In some "pet-friendly" hotels you can tell that you are tolerated. Here, even our dog is made to feel special."

In the spring, Delta Hotels Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort hosts an annual fundraising event for the SPCA, called Best in Show. Best in Show is a fun, casual dog show where families can have their dog participate in a number of contests including Best Dressed, Most Endearing Rescue Dog, Best Trick, Cutest Puppy, Cutest Male Dog, Cutest Female Dog, Most Original Hair. All proceeds are donated to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch, and prizes are awarded to the top 3 in each category.  This year’s Best in Show is on Saturday, June 2nd.

We really appreciated the time they took to talk with us and show us around, as well as all the information they provided! Below are our photos from our Ocean Pointe Adventure (as well as Rupert's commentary!)

Be sure to check out the links below for more information!

Rupert visits Butchart Gardens


Beautiful Butchart Gardens is one of Victoria's top tourist destinations. The 55 acres of gardens and meandering paths are lovely every season and it's dog friendly !!  When we arrived, Rupert was given biscuits and ear rubs by the staff at the information desk and they mentioned that are dog water dishes with filtered water throughout the park. They also have biodegradable refuse bags available. We started our walk at 9:30am, it was still quiet and the sun was peaking through the trees. It was a wonderful way to start the day. 


Here are some tips they provide visitors to the garden who are bringing their pets!

  • Use a short leash
  • Stop by the visitor centre when you first arrive and get your four-legged friend a complimentary treat
  • In the warmer summer months, it’s best to come in the morning or after 4pm once it has cooled down a bit. (Avoid high heat/high foot traffic time)
  • we highly recommend keeping pets at home for Firework Saturdays, as the noise can be distressing. If your pet is travelling with you, you can take them to your vehicle before the show. Always leave windows open enough for air to circulate and closed enough to keep them safely in the vehicle.

I also asked why they think being a pet friendly place is important.

"Because we have so many visitors who are travelling to The Gardens in their own vehicles, it quite often they bring their pet. It’s important to us that pets are not left in vehicles and so we encourage them to enjoy The Gardens with their family."

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the gardens and Mr.Roops had fun exploring and checking everything out! 

Be sure to click on the links to the Butchart Garden's social media pages for more information and photos of beautiful flowers and plants:

Below is our photo slideshow (with commentary by Mr.Roops of course!) from our garden adventure! Enjoy!