Weekends are for adventure

Well....sort of. This weekend was pretty low-key. The fella was helping his bff move, my family has a cold, and I spent most of my days off upstairs on the computer (I have 2 great craft shows coming up in the next few weeks so I had work to do!). However, the pups need walking, I need walking (14lbs down, 14lbs to go!) and being out in nature clears my head and gets me inspired. Luckily, Victoria has some great areas to take 2 rambling dogs. We spent Friday morning exploring Mt.Doug park, yesterday exploring Mt.Doug beach when the tide was out and today we meandered around Uplands Park. It was a little damp and chilly but lovely none the less. I always love taking photos on misty days, probably because I adore black and white and cloudy skies add to the moodiness of the image. Below are some of the pics from our excursions, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! Cheers!